High Hopes in the French Alps


Andrew perfecting his launches whilst Dennis observes, with Plaine Joux launch in the distance

Well today was a great day for our student! After a few initial launches on our training area, he had six great launches and six great landings, and is already getting a great feel for the glider. Such an improvement on yesterday!

It was a lovely flying day today, light winds good thermals just lovely… Both Dennis and me had a flight each, and the air was sweet. Andrew completed a good day and tomorrow hopefully he should be landing without assistance. The British Open is still throwing up some surprises and we are enjoying watching the progress.


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R 10’s, Everywhere?

R10 en Route?!

Working day today… the temperature had dropped and a light jacket was needed. We’ve got another beginner so we were stuck to the ground so to speak! (maybe I should start a personal blog, then I could be much freer to say what I want!) Am wearing just a bit thin with work at the moment, truth be known, and wish we could have been in St. Andre at the Brits. Although it does look a tad windy as some of the downwind legs of the task, pilots were stonking along! Haven’t had a chance to look at the tracklogs but certainly on the ‘live tracking’ they were steaming along like trains!!

Here it was ok, for our beginner there was no way we could fly him in the afternoon thermals, they were just too strong and abrupt for the inexperienced so we had to hold him down and work more on his launches. The day was dominated by quite a strong Easterly but cloud base did start to look really welcoming later in the afternoon. Whilst holding our client down, and taking him to our ground-handling area I was able to have a fly whilst Dennis and our client drove. It was choppy but fun!! At least I got to have a fly…

Down at landing, I saw what looked like an R10, on an xc route… bit far from St Andre, maybe his gps had Northern Alpine waypoints?! 🙂

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