High Hopes in the French Alps

Patience of a St. Andrè?!

Well it seems our xc season has come to an end… but then again, the weather does have a tendency to come up with the unexpected?! although at the moment, it’s raining and is set to remain so for a couple of days.

Andrew our one to one student, is now a fully fledged CPC pilot, is very happy, and well on his way to some new adventures!


Seems the British Nationals at St. Andrè have evoked a bit of a heated discussion with regards to the competition format, venue choice, safety, etc. various opinions are being cast into the smelting pot, so it’ll be interesting to see what emerges after the stewing time has reached it’s simmering peak. My opinion..?! well I can’t comment, never having flown there. When we went down to visit earlier in the year I did think it looked very interesting with plenty of potential for excesses….?! whichever way you choose to look at it. From a spectators viewpoint it was certainly exciting, wonder why the greater media weren’t there? would have made for some thrilling telly!

Meanwhile in our little world we have two more EP pilots en route to CP weather willing.


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