High Hopes in the French Alps

Chivalry Exists!

Another glorious but stable day here. Great for our clients, but a drat of a day for flyers, working ones that is!

around 1pm ish, pilots started arriving

Anyway a great day for beginners, they managed to get four lovely long flights in today, completing most required tasks for EP/CP stuff. Finally I managed to scrape a flight in which was nothing more than a slightly extended top to bottom. Having blown my first launch, being the one solitary pilot left up there in a nil wind situation, after it had been consistently on! Was all rigged up and again desperation getting the better of me, fluffed my launch and was getting tired, after all working with beginners can take a lot out of you…. believe me. Whilst I was trying to sort myself out an offer of assistance arrived in the chivalrous shape of Sebastian, one of the Aerofiz Instructors, who very kindly sorted out my lines for me and gave me some free beginner tuition 🙂 that brightened up my day!

We all had a bit of a laugh!!! Sylvain even offered to lend me a radio! Anyway, I had a pleasant launch, float, couple of turns bit of a glide, thoughts of how far I could glide and still make it back to the landing field…, check out the increasing strength of the valley wind, contemplate various landing approaches, consider taking more climbs and making the clients wait, or do the decent thing and land, as after all I was working…  our clients were drinking coffee, and Dennis had got to go to Geneva. So as soon as that ‘responsible’ thought took hold a proper school landing demonstration prevailed.

Looking forward to some personal free thinking flying…

September 11, 2010 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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