High Hopes in the French Alps

Sunday Afternoon

It turned out to be a very busy Sunday. We had two new chaps with us as well as our couple of EP/CP’s continuing their training. It was an interesting day, as there was  a tree landing and International Rescue were called.

The helicopter arrival was in ‘search’ mode then dropped off a couple of pompier tree climbers all kitted up, they even got the guys glider down too, that was a bonus as they don’t always take the glider out, especially if they are busy, so maybe the rescue services are a bit quiet at the moment.

All in all a good day,  the sky later developed so our clients only managed to do two flights which included big ears, speed bar and other exercises, unfortuantely on this occassion they didn’t manage to complete all the tasks. At the end of the day I had a fly down getting caught in a few spots of rain on the way, when I flew out further into the valley I turned and had a look back and could see the forming of an anvil behind the not so bad but dark looking cumulus.  I flew straight out into the sunnier part of the valley and noticed  the cloud growth on the other side  was pretty impressive too! needless to say later in the evening we had a really big storm that took out the electricity, but only for a moment.

September 12, 2010 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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