High Hopes in the French Alps

Plan Fait Playtime

Went to Annecy today, firstly for a change and for somewhere different for our clients to fly, and secondly because the weather is due for a change and today would be the best day to go there.

There was high cloud cover for most of the day with the occassional sunny moment but nothing much to climb in. The good thing about Annecy is you can get a chance to try different equipment and Dennis had a chance to fly the new Ozone Delta, unfortunately I couldn’t have a go because it was the medium and I need a small or extra small, dag nabbit! but they only had the medium. Anyway, Dennis spent most of the day playing on it, our two guests were enjoying the flying and the views, I opted to drive so that Dennis could fly the Delta as much as possible.

Later on Michael Ferrer arrived at Talloires also wanting to try some new gliders he wanted to try the Delta, but he needed a small size too,  he did manage a flight on the new Gin Tribe. Michael Ferrer is a renowned paraglider photographer and many of his amazing shots can be seen all over the place in XC Mag, calenders, mainly in the French Publications and many more places. I managed to get a few photos but all on my mobile unfortunately, so some not so good shots. I had a chat with Michael after his flight and it was interesting to hear his opinion in that he thought the lines were very long, and also due to the rigidity of the wing the feedback was dampened to the point of him not receiving enough communication from the glider to know what it wanted him to do, whether to let it fly, input slightly more or less or what… interesting.

Meanwhile, Dennis was enamoured by the Delta, and is now checking out the colour scheme on the Ozone site!

The joys that I managed to experience given the fact that I wasn’t flying, was dangling about in a couple of harnesses, I tried the Advance Lightness, which is the relatively new lightweight Pod harness, and if you want my honest opinion I think it was custom built for Chrigel Maurer for his X Alps competitions. I tried the small size and was warned about getting into it carefully as it could easily tear!! It was so flimsy with barely any substance or support at all.. I think for me and others who maybe somewhat lesser mortals who fly relatively ‘normally?’  flying a lightweight harness with a bit more supportive construction and warmer clothes would be preferable, especially given the cost of the thing! The second harness was the Advance Axcess Air. This is a well constructed harness and felt unexpectedly comfortable and stable with an excellent reserve set up. I’m sure this harness would be very enjoyable and relaxing to fly although again for the price I would like to maybe try the Sup’Air Altix 2. We’re looking for a couple of easy access working flight harnesses, that we can just slip on when we need to do a quick fly ’round or fly down instead of kitting up with full xc gear on working flights, although comfortable enough if we end up flying for longer.

All in all a productive day, and we made the most of the flat conditions.

September 14, 2010 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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