High Hopes in the French Alps

Keystone Kops it Again!

After yesterday, we knew the weather was due to deteriorate so Dennis went up to Plaine Joux with our clients. There wasn’t anything much happening today with barely any thermal activity at all. Although, having said that it was all fun and games up there. Paragliding  with the Keystone Kops! It was bedlam with everyone apparently, one pilot scraping down the front face, another having a bit of a song and dance routine on his way off and finally the same guy who was in the trees on Monday, was in them again today!! Twice in one week, a bit of a record I’d say.

Apparently, he omitted doing a pre-flight check and never realised his reserve pin had released so on taking off his reserve deployed landing him in the trees again… this time he wasn’t so lucky as the Pompiers left his glider, although thankfully no harm done. This tree landing was in a much more difficult to access position so he had to be winched out and set down back at Plaine Joux, it seems he’s having a complete rethink as to whether paragliding is for him. A wise move…

No photos, am waiting for my new camera… Finally,  got my refund and have decided to re-order from Amazon, never had any trouble with them.


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