High Hopes in the French Alps

Space Hoppingly Bouncy!

It was cold today. First time I wore my winter down jacket and still felt the cold. We were working with John and managed to get three flights in for him, working on landing approaches, praciticing ‘big ears’ and stuff. It was difficult on launch with the air at differing strengths and coming in from all directions, back, front, east, west, up, down, swirling around, etc. etc. it was becoming quite unpredictable. There were some spots of precipitation coming and going… so we did what we could.

On John’s last flight the weather was deteriorating and I decided to fly down afterwards, seeings as it was the quickest way. Took off and got sucked up, was on speed bar for virtually the whole flight, and this on the small Alpha school glider, no reserve, no vario… but was at least warm enough. The top half anyway, the wind was whistling up my jeans though, felt like some long johns (oops! base layers) would have been nice. The sky was on a rapid change a bit bouncy, and jerky at times.  John experienced his first natural  ‘A Symmetric’  don’t think he’s too keen to experience many more, well not at this stage anyway.

The cattle had taken residence in the landing field spreading over the whole of the normal area, but we did have either side of the cattle to land in. So it was ok really… just not so nice after they’ve left their messages all over the place, and especially in damp conditions.

Not a bad day, all in all managed to complete some tasks for John. For me it was interesting, both assisting John on launch, and enjoying my own lively work-a-day flydown.

After lunch Dennis took John out to do some much needed Reverse Launch Practice.

September 27, 2010 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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