High Hopes in the French Alps

Claggorgraphic Cloud!

On waking the sunrise cast a gentle rose hue over the Fiz, giving it that autumn/winter cold but breathly beautiful wash. Took a snap of it out of our bathroom window (am getting quite trigger happy with the camera at the moment!) looked similar to the first shot ever when starting this blog.

We were working with John again today, but the lovely early morning wasn’t to last, it wasn’t long before my newly created description of ‘claggographic cloud’ took control. We were both up there at launch engulfed, waiting for the cloud to present us with a view of the landing before launching, as John needed to complete some other tasks and they couldn’t be done if Dennis couldn’t see the implementation of these manouveres. Not to mention VFR… we waited… and eventually it came good and John had three flights completing all the required tasks.

Whilst I was waiting at launch, I was happily occupied with my new toy and embarked on taking some close-ups of the last few signs of summer… they came out specatacularly well considering I’m a complete amateur! Also managed to get some shots of Mathieu on his Axis Vega II, I have to say it looks like a really nice glider…  Mathieu was doing some pretty radical ‘A Symmetric Spirals’ on it,  and it looked as clean as a whistle throughout the whole display! He’s really happy with it, he’s had a change from Niviuk and appears totally smitten!

Down at landing, having swapped with Dennis on launch, I saw a calf just a few minutes old! being washed by it’s mother, it was still ‘steaming!’ what a wonder. I was hoping to see it take it’s first stand up on it’s wobbly legs but was summoned away, got a few shots, although you can’t tell by the pics.

Most impressed with the first pic of Mathieu, have a look at the larger image, also the flora is quite impressive too, amazing what these cameras can do!

September 28, 2010 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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