High Hopes in the French Alps

Foehn Fiasco

We knew the Foehn was expected at some point today, but it’s arrival was very early.  In fact at around 9am on our way to Chedde it was already blowing with some gusto! There were a couple of gliders GH’ing, in the landing field, with one pilot being anchored, which is very rare to see. We generally have to seek out the wind to do ground handling around here. So the verdict was that the day had ended before it begun. Still it was sunny enough so we went up to Plaine Joux anyway as Gary is a semi-professional photographer and he wanted to get some time lapse shots of the lenticulars over Mt. Blanc… I had ago myself… just for the fun of it. Just have to work out how to use the software now… harrumph 😐

Whilst up on launch there were a group of young ‘uns raring to go. One of the young lads went, and got a good rolling and slapping around, as well as getting stuck at various levels, he got a good thrashing, (from mother nature!) and it took him ages to sort himself out to get down safely.  There was a young girl just about to launch herself straight into all that  churning mix, non the wiser… Dennis, just had to step in and advise her of the dangers, she wisely packed up her glider. Which couldn’t be said for another one of the girls who headstrongly just went and threw herself off. They were EN-A, Dhv 1 gliders, both Alpha’s so the gliders did look after them. She did manage to ‘hang on’ and finally land safely enough though,  and hopefully gathered a little more knowledge along the way.

Gary had a lesson in Mountain Meterology whilst taking some great shots. It was a very photogenic day non-the-less.

October 3, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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