High Hopes in the French Alps

Pieces of O8

The last couple of days we’ve been grounded. Low heavy cloud, and this morning the winds were stronger than expected. A bit grim to say the least, it’s all a bit disappointing as we’ve only got the O8 for a day or so more, and I’d like to fly it light this time, without any excess weight whatsoever, just to get the feel of the wing from both ends of the spectrum. The bits and pieces of flying I’ve managed so far on the O8 have been excellent, would just like a little bit more!

Being on a diet of cheese and wine, as nice as it sounds to bring my weight up to something reasonable for the Mantra M3 and on top of that carrying ballast in various forms can get a bit tiring, especially on the shoulders on a carryup or out, and can be quite offputting on occasion. I have to admit the O8 does have a perfectly agreeable weight range for the lighter people in the world.

Tomorrow the forecast is looking a little more hopeful, and it’d be good to get Gary flying again before he goes home. I’m really hoping for a longer flight on the O8, and as we’re free of complete beginners now and if the weather chooses to give us a momentary release it just might, just might happen!

October 11, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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