High Hopes in the French Alps

Free…. at Last!

The last couple of days we’ve been clagged in. The fog has been clinging around low level for the whole day. We’ve finally succumbed to turning the heating on. Well it seems that winter is on it’s way. Apparently, the snow level is dropping and we’re getting excited about the prospect of donning skis again! Meanwhile the flying was good on the 12th October, that was the last good day. Gary left on Wednesday around 5pm but alas no flying due to the fog, we were hoping to get out during the day but it wasn’t going to happen.

We’re client free now, finally no more teaching for this year and we’re ready to get stuck into our own flying  just when the weather’s turned crap! We’re checking out the weather forecasts and will hopefully find some sun and good weather next week somewhere, further south probably. Well we’ll take our gliders and see where we end up. The west coast looks interesting and possibly northern Spain, maybe the Pyrenees?! I’ve never flown there and we have got friends and family we can pop in and visit en route.

I did manage to do another video whilst flying the other day, but just haven’t found a decent place to mount the camera, it’s just too roly poly end up feeling motion sickness after watching, so I’ve refrained from uploading it. I did try to extract some stills from the video though but the quality was very poor.

Anyway, here are just a few I managed to fish out of the video for a bit of a taste of the day… all of Dennis I might add!

Now that our ‘working/flying’ season has come to a close, my wish would be to clear off to the Southern Hemisphere for a month or so and get back into some personal flying but we’re stuck here in the Northern Hemisphere for our sins. We were considering going to the XC Open series in Manilla but again that turns out to be in Jan/Feb just when our Airport Transfer work is at it’s peak… sigh… There is some hope on the horizon though, inasmuch as we are not going to take on any beginner work until around May next year (the beginners page is being updated at the moment we’ve relocated Gary’s blog to that page also, as it seems much more relevant there) so that means we’ve got the spring and early summer weather to look forward to purely for flying… Phew!….

In the meantime, I’ve got some mounting issues with my camera to sort out as well as messing around with software, and we’ve got some sort of holiday organisation to consider.

October 15, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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