High Hopes in the French Alps

Silver Lined Clouds


Ozone Mantra M3 Medium


Precipitation all day, and forecast to continue throughout tomorrow. Well every cloud has a silver lining, doesn’t it? and the silver lining that lines our clouds is…. snow! Yes, it’s snowing in Chamonix! We received our local ski pass reminders a week or so back, and now it seems we may be considering getting them. Still the ground is a bit warm for the snow to hang around just yet, it will tend to come and go until the ground hardens,  frosts and freezes to accommodate the lovely fluffy stuff!

Meanwhile, we’re going to huddle down in our hibernating positions for the weekend, then prepare to go and find some sun along the west coast and Northern Spain. Before returning for the winter season. It seems the pictures I tried to display on yesterday’s blog of our Mantras didn’t work, or they don’t work on certain browsers so here they are again.


Ozone Mantra M3 Small


It’s a shame to be selling the Mantra’s but for all the air time either of us has managed this year it’s barely worth keeping them, they’d be better off in the hands of some “freer” flyers.


Write up from yesterday’s blog:

We’ve decided to sell our Mantra’s, for all the time that we’ve put on them this year they’re virtually brand new! Mine is up for €1900 (ono), with just 40 hours, custom colours of White/Red/White/Grey, size S  67-87 kgs and Dennis’s for €2000 (ono) with just a mere 35 hours clocked again in custom colours of White/Grey/White/Red, size M 82-102 kgs.

They have been well looked after. (As we have barely had the time to fly them that much!) No Acro/SIV or any other radical manouvres so in very good condition. If you’re interested feel free to get in touch.

October 16, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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