High Hopes in the French Alps

Long, Long Drive

It was a glorious day at home when the cloud lifted, looked like it would have been good for flying, but it was holiday day for us so we loaded up and were on our merry way!

We arrived here almost without a hitch. We didn’t know what to expect with the protests going on and the apparent panic buying of fuel, but we barely came across any problems We were under the impression that these protests would probably be mainly centred around city areas like Paris, Lyon and the like so we decided to take the route up towards Genève avoiding Lyon and Chambrey. In fact the roads were very sparse of vehicles for the most part. We hit only one area of disruption which was in the unlikely town of St Flour, which seemed to me in a somewhat insignificant area for demonstrators. We sat there for a while behind a couple of lorries thinking it was nothing more than roadworks or something, although there were grey to black  plumes of smoke billowing over. We turned ’round went back towards the Péage and let the SatNav recalculate. Didn’t add that much onto the journery although we were hoping to arrive during daylight although that was not to be. We drove through plenty of American Warewolf, Ville de Basker avec Potage de Petit Pois! In fact “It was a real pea souper Mr ‘Olms, and no mistake!”  It is quite a high plateau this area of France with an abundance of flying sites. Driving through low cloud due to the altitude of around 1100 metres in some areas is the norm, and especially this time of year.

Well enjoying the driving rain, and the rhythm of the wind screen wipers! We knew our ‘holiday season’ had arrived! As we neared Entraygues the cloud lifted and we had a lovely warm welcome, meal, piping hot shower and a lovely comfy room.

October 19, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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