High Hopes in the French Alps


Lazy long morning, a long lie in, long hot shower no one to rush ’round for, bliss! All we did was walk today, walk around the town, walk along the riverside, walk to the park,  Had a little lunch walk across the bridges, built a fire and just tried to relax!

This trying to  relax thing isn’t as easy as it looks, but we’re giving it a darn good try! Normally when we visit here it’s generally a stopover en route to somewhere else but as we’ve got a bt of time we’ve decided to stay for a couple of days and take in a few sights.

This door is the entrance to the courtyard of Bernice & Normans Chambres d’Hôte. The door is of great historic interest and dates back to the Cavaliers and footsoldiers. In 1928 it was declared an official Historic Monument. More details can be found at there website. La Porte Valette.

We had a walk over the 13th Century Gothic Bridge, minus it’s pillars. It stand’s forcefully astride the fast flowing, popular cayak rafting, River Truyère, that has been known to rise a meter in just 15 minuites! It’s a very interesting town and worth a visit if  you’re ever down this way.

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October 20, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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