High Hopes in the French Alps

Neanderthal Non?


The nearest we got to the 60,000 year Old Man!


We re-loaded and made our way onto our next destination that being Monsaguel deeper into Aquataine in the Dordogne. We thought we’d  try to get to see ‘The Old Man’  but upon arrival at the museum, and ringing the bell that did say ‘The Museum is Open – Please Ring the Bell!’ No-one arrived, we kept ringing it for a reasonable time, but still no one appeared. We ended up climbing up the walls to get a peak through the windows and caught a glimpse of the 60,000 year old man, but that was the extent of it. Bit of a shame really.

It really is so flat here, maybe that’s because we are so used to the mountains it really does look flat. Having said that, the landscape in places is undulating and does resemble England, I can certainly see the attraction for the ex-pats. We popped into Rocmadour again on our exit and continued  through more medieval towns with castles built in what look like the most incredibly precarious positions, but they’ve been standng there for centuries! It was an interesting drive with the country roads going on and on, eventually we’d meet a main road then back on the bendy little roads again. Finally on our travels through  Beynac which did look lovely and bright. Crossing the Dordogne river a few times! Driving through Beaumont and many more towns and villages.

We eventually arrived at our destination that being Monsaguel, a quiet little hamlet where if you blink you’ll miss it! We’ve decided to stay for a few days before moving further West. The story goes that Claude Monet painted his Water Lilies from flowers that grew around this area… apparently rumour has it that he had these lilies sent to him, whereupon they were re-established in his own garden.

Well I have to say everywhere you turn around here this area is absolutely steeped in history, I never realised there was so much.

October 23, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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