High Hopes in the French Alps

Black-‘Dune’ Pleasure Beach


cloud streets flank the road


Windy this morning. The sun was shining, the sky was cold blue, so we thought it looked like a good day to get back on the road. We left just after midday and headed toward Arcachon and Dune de Pyla the drive was easy enough with main roads for most of the  way.

The sky was looking fantastic with two cloud streets freely flanking the road all going in the same direction! We arrived at Arcachon and carried on to the Dune de Pyla. I’ve never been there before and was looking forward to seeing it…. it was not what I expected. All the pictures


first view of the rear stairs of the Dune de Pyla


I’ve ever seen are of paragliders soaring, and sandwriting, but I didn’t expect the size of the thing. It was massive! A proper soaring ridge wow! and the sea!!! I haven’t seen the sea in what seems like years what a treat…  Bit of a problem though it being very windy, cold and crowded. It is a French Holiday this week so it was more busy than expected for the time of year.

We climbed up to the top had a walk around, watched the young ‘uns flinging themselves down or running completely out of control like they were chasing some strange cheese in Gloucestershire or somewhere, enjoyed the views then walked around the stands looking at the trinkets, keyrings, hats and whatnot. A plesant but busy walk, something like Blackpool on a Bank Holiday.

Next stop was the southern end of the Dune, in a place called Biscarrosse where we parked up and had a lovely walk along the beach watching some kite surferers, it was windy and flipping cold, but I did take my shoes and socks off and had a paddle, it just had to be done!  After an early evening stroll the next job was to find somewhere to stay. After a bit of searching, almost all the hotels etc. were boarded up and closed for the season… we finally found a lovely place back in Arachon, the Hotel Vagues we had a room almost perched on the beach, and they happily allowed Tizzy in our room and free wifi, which was just great..  another eventful day.

October 25, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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