High Hopes in the French Alps

Dunefounded, and Donned a Cap or two.


found the place, bet it's great in season..


Woke up in the Hotel Vagues after having the best nights sleep. We had the window slightly open to listen to the very rare sound of the waves, it was so soothing, and had us drifting off to sleep in no time.


the other end of the Dune


After breakfast, and attempting to update the blog, very sporadic reception, we decided to go up to the Dune de Pyla again to find where the paragliding was.

We did find the place, all closed for the season as was partially expected, but we had a walk up to check. It really is fantastic and some beautiful soaring could be maintained for hours, if the wind was in the right direction. Unfortunately for us it wasn’t, we had a lovely walk and made the most of where we were.

Resigned to the fact that the wind wasn’t going to change and the weather was due to deteriorate we got back in the bus and headed further south towards Biarritz. We took the coastal route for the most part, and found a great little surf spot to have a mini picnic, Cap Ferret. The waves were flat, so not much action although there were the odd short lived rides. This is a very popular surf area and the beach is just fabulous, certainly beats Watergate Bay, and Fistral, although those places do have their appeal. A previous existence on my part although Dennis’s surfing experience being just that bit more exotic than mine, Surfers Paradise Down Under no less! Anyway, enough of that, at least I’ve still got my wetsuit, gathering dust in the attic!


sole surfer in Cap Ferret


We got back on the road heading further south stopping in a place called Capbreton. Gorgeous little harbour port and fishing village. Found ourselves some very reasonable accommodation where Tizzy was again happily accommodated at the Hotel-Café Bellevue.


busy marina, Capbreton


Nice position again right on a delta route that leads into the sea one way and into the marina on the other. Good atmosphere, not too much but enough going on to keep us interested. We were getting a bit desperate for a cup of tea so went in search of a kettle and found a 1.5l perfect jobbie so armed with our own tea provisions we booked in for a couple of nights.

Settled and after a couple of cups of refreshing tea, we went for an evening walk along the walkway and yielded to the temptation of the many seafood restaurants dotted along the road. Dennis had the inevitable fish ‘n’ chips, and I plumbed for mussels and chips (yes, we both had chips) they were delicious.  Tizzy was welcomed  in the restaurant and she settled down under the table for a couple of hours snooze.


alive, alive o!


Back at the hotel, the bonus is the private parking as well as a good comfortable bed, we are considering staying for maybe a day or two longer but we’ll have to do a rain/weather check. I could certainly get used to this holidaying lark!


evening in Capbreton


October 26, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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