High Hopes in the French Alps

Surf and Snakes!

Biarritz Surfing

Woke up to catch the odd sailing mast cruise past the window. It’s so unreal here, where normally you’d expect  to see a truck or cars passing, yacht masts silently glide past the window! It’s delightful. We checked the webcam this morning just to see what was going on back home and they’ve had some snow. It’s melting a bit now although it’s still sticking to Mt. Jolie.

What to do today? Hmm.. well we decided to go to the Aquarium Museum here in Capbreton but it was closed unfortunately.  So we headed off further south into Biarritz. It’s a sizable town and buzzing. We found our way to the Grande Plage a major surf zone. All I can say is for the first time in years I wished I’d bought my wetsuit. The water looked so inviting as well as managable waves… Both Dennis and me have got a bit of a surfing background so it rekindled a smouldering fire so to speak. The most we could do was roll our trousers up and go in as far as we could, needless to say my trousers got wetter than intended. What a fantastic surf beach, perfect for beginners and an absolute dream in the fact that it was clean the whole beach was clean, clean and uncrowded!

It’s a far cry from what I was used to in Watergate Bay, Fistral, Llangenith in the Gower. I was such a wimp, didn’t like not being able to dry properly, catching colds and bugs, cut feet on shells, seaweed getting wrapped around my ankles, cold, with effluent suds and jellyfish strewn on the beach. Sad I know, maybe I never went at the right time, but that was my experience, so my surfing commitment didn’t last that long. On the other hand here, well it’s a different world. Clean sand, no crap around anywhere not crowded (but that’s probably the time of year) the water, blue! and the ambience relaxed…. it felt altogether ‘easy’…

We got as close as we could to the surf and decided there and then that we were going to reawaken our surf slumber. It just looked so much fun, and the guys with the paddles well that was another thing, they’d control their boards with the paddles so much so that they could turn round and paddle back out, incredible. Funnily enough we were only watching those guys in competition on the World Sports channel, or 4 Sports or something recently.  Anyway, it was the first time we’d seen it for real. Impressive!

Back at the bus we had lunch then headed back to Capbreton. We drove back via the Reptilarium and saw some amazing creatures, which included Iguanas, Lizards, Snakes of all sizes, Tortoises, Alligators, Crocodiles, Terrapins all sorts of creatures, very interesting. Dennis struck up a conversation with a Lady Iguana, she was rather fetching with her amazing technicoloured coat I must say!

Python, called Monty?

Back at the Hotel-Café we got cleaned up and went for a meal in the restaurant. What an excellent meal. In this part of France they certainly  know how to cook, the whole meal was spot on. We both had a dlicately balanced fish dish…. no pomme frites this time… absolutely not!

Not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. The weather is definately set to change with stronger winds. Our plan was to originally continue on to Spain possibly visiting Castejon de Sos and Ager, but the weather is not looking too good so we may decide to stay here…. what to do????

Have got plenty more pics, it’s getting late so will try and upload more tomorrow…

October 27, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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