High Hopes in the French Alps

Spanish Stroll




We did a rain check this morning before making our decision. The decision was to stick to plan ‘A’ and head for Castejon de Sos.


Viella Vanashing Point


We were far to close to the Spanish border not to. If we didn’t come here we’d only have regretted missing the chance, if not to fly at least see the place.  The only way we knew we were in Spain was a very understated sign saying Espana, and that was it. Maybe it’s not such a popular entry into Spain from France at this end?

Around 4½ hours later we rolled into Castejon de Sos. It was a good road the whole way, with the only bendy bits in and around the town. The Pyrenees along the way looked like friendly Alps with very light snow speckled about. It was a good drive through the Viella Tunnel, and these days I wonder why we bother with passports as it was a simple continuation of road into Spain.

We arrived in Castejon de Sos at siesta time, so the place was fast asleep, only to be awakened by the kiss of a true prince! sorry got distracted for a minute! The next thing was to find somewhere to sleep for the night and after two refusals to take Tizzy we were almost resigned to the fact we were going to squeeze in the bus for the night. The next hotel we tried we didn’t hold out much hope given the appearance, but this charming hotel, the Hotel Plaza, with it’s delightful decor, if you ever get the chance to stay here you’ll understand the ‘fairytale’ theme, was happy to have Tizzy to stay. Bingo!


The Delightfully Charming Hotel Plaza
excuse the bus and dog bowl… er herm!

Settled in and figuring out how to operate the plush flat screen telly, I found myself watching Wuthering Heights in Spanish, it was a very flambouyant version! whilst Dennis took Tizzy out for a stroll. We have found a lot of Paragliding shops and quite a grand All Flying shop type thing… but we will have to investigate more tomorrow. Castejon de Sos is a very small town with banks, hotels, a few bars and restaurants and that’s about it.  We went for a bite to eat in a restaurant/bar down the road which unfortunately was dreadful. Dennis had Lasagne, straight out of the microwave, and I had Fetuccini, which was about nine days old! Well you can’t have it all I suppose. Nice wine though…

The weather isn’t looking good maybe tomorrow will be ok but there’s some tough looking fronts on the way. We’re hoping to maybe get some info or something from the Paragliding shops ’round here tomorrow… the main one may be this one Parapente Pirineos, we’re not holding our breath mind, after all it is out of season.

Castejon de Sos


October 28, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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