High Hopes in the French Alps

North to France

We were happy to wake up this morning knowing we were heading north back to France. Spain is interesting enough although lacks greenary in the landscape, and the towns are mostly concreted with very little in the way of flora. From a dogs perspective, I’d much rather live in France where they are highly respected especially given the search and rescue these vital animals perform in the mountains, as well as the fire service, finding survivors of earthquakes, tsunamis, bomb squads etc. the list goes on and on, and all that I felt in Spain was they were worried about scooping up poop!  I think the Hotel Plaza in Castejon de Sos appreciated this aspect and happily offered us any room we wanted in the whole hotel, instead of being shoved into an attic room like in Sort.  Apart from this, the hotel did offer a substantial breakfast more than expected which turned out to be very good indeed. So we left after a good feed.

On leaving we noticed quite a long queue of people outside the Lotto place and later discovered that Sort actually means ‘luck’ and they’ve been known to have quite a few lottery winners from there. If we’d known we would’ve bought a eurolottery ticket.

We were in for a long drive back to Entraygues sur Truyère as it’s Bernice’s birthday on Sunday (halloween) we thought it’d be nice to be there.  A very pleasurable route back going through mountain roads and villages through some ski areas, the main area being a place caled Baqueira and an interesting  mountain town called Vielha. (Got that mixed up with Viella earlier). It was quite a medium sized sort of ski area with only one cable car so one could imagine a lot of traffic going up at the beginning of the day and coming down at the end of the day! The lifts were a bit limited but maybe they were tucked away out of sight.

It was great to see the snow on the mountains though and thoughts of skiing were being revived as we drove on. Finally we arrived at Entraygues and that evening went to a local restaurant with Tizzy, where they never even batted an eyelid as we walked in found a table sat down, allowed Tizzy to settle under the table with barely a murmer, where we enjoyed an exquisite most welcome freshly cooked meal!

October 30, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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