High Hopes in the French Alps

Homeward Bound

We packed the bus and headed homeward late morning after I nipped into the local mini-market to grab a bottle of the local Entraygues wine. Apparently, a Spanish couple who stayed at La Porte Vallette drove up from Spain just to buy crates of the stuff for their wedding so on that recommendation I just had to try a bottle!

...another great flying area near Aurillac we passed on the way home

It was a long drive back but easier as we took a faster route home. The landscape changed the further North we drove, as expected, with cloud and low level mist. Familiar looking granite rock faces and shapes were appearing, as we progressed on to the Northern Alps. There are definately some areas in the central regions of France that remind me so much of England, even down to the Fresian cows. In the Alps they’re all brown and white but it’s sort of warming to see Fresians in a rolling green landscape.

We had a steady drive and found it a pleasure travelling in the new bus, it’s so much quieter than the bone shaking but reliable old one neither of us felt that tired or stressed. As it’s All Saint’s Day today, the French would normally visit the graves of their loves ones bearing Crysanthemums, so most of France was closed. We were pondering about dinner and amazingly enough on entry into Sallanches we noticed Carrefour was open, so we managed to have some late dinner after all.

It was great to get away, we both really needed the change and not flying didn’t matter… in fact, as it’s work it has to be said that the edge can become blunt with overuse and needs sharpening by a complete change of scenery, so we wern’t desperate to see our gliders, in fact quite the contrary. Although I can’t help but get a buzz everytime I see a paraglider somewhere. We caught sight of one momentarily in a very heavy sky that was verging on rain, and the only other one was gale hanging, on the first day, and the R10 in Ager of course.

On nearing home and recognising the outline and snow-capped peaks of our landscape, thoughts of flying immediately reignited. The snow is still on Mt. Jolie with dropping temperatures, and the skiing looks like it’s not far away now.

Tizzy was ecstatic on being home and stayed out for most of the night letting the neighbourhood cats know by chasing them off the garden, and up the field! normal sporting activities for her have resumed.

Looking back over the last ten days, we had a great time and enjoyed the trip away. Being beside the sea was what we both enjoyed the most, and have made a decision to make our way back to the West Coast and take up some watersports when the flying season ends, instead of chasing the wind when it’s all over in the Northern Hemisphere. For me, I need to do more flying to satisfy that need instead of trying to cram it in when it’s not really there, unless we manage a trip below the Equator. So here’s hoping in the new flying season I’ll be spending a lot more of it in the air and not grounded watching fantastic spring clouds forming with newbies!

November 1, 2010 - Posted by | Holiday

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