High Hopes in the French Alps

Laurent’s Mantra Intro

gentle glide

We flew today, first for a while.  We decided to take both vehicles out so we’d have transport back up after our flight. There were diversions on the road to Chedde, so I ended up going ’round the Wrekin to get there.

Laurent launching my Mantra

When I arrived Dennis was on the phone to Laurent who was enquiring after my Small Mantra M3.

I parked up, to see Dennis walk over to the notice board where Laurent was phoning him from. That’s where we’d pinned the ads. The usual suspects were there  Xavier, Roland, Pierre, Mathieu and a few others. Laurent had a tandem passenger so said he’d like to fly it second time ’round. So I did get to fly at least, it was an autmnal flight no thermals, just a few blips but pleasant enough. I enjoyed my short time in the air, and took a couple of pics.

Laurent had already landed with his passenger, so I felt obliged not to hang around too long and landed. Michel Ferrer arrived and gave me a lift up with Laurent as he was eager to fly my wing. Back on launch Laurent was itching to go, he set up, launched and was on his way in no time. I drove the bus back down.

It may well have been the last day I flew my Mantra as the arrangement is to meet up tomorrow a bit earlier so he can try it out again with just a little more air movement, a few weak thermal turns would be better than non at all, so that’s set, noonish tomorrow.

Laurent Premier Vol..

November 4, 2010 - Posted by | Flying

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