High Hopes in the French Alps

Beer & Baguettes

A beautiful day, not great flying but a ‘happy’ day. At Chedde they were attaching plastic strips all along the cables near the landing field, as a few pilots have been caught out by them, apparently it was decided by the Maire (Town Hall) to attach them to make them much more visable for pilots, very considerate. We met Laurent as arranged so he could have a few more flights on the Mantra. As I’ve no other glider to fly I was demoted to flying the Alpha. It was fun flying, but without much lift and lots of sinky cold air I really missed the glide! I shared a thermal with a gorgeous bird of prey for around four or five turns before he started flapping and I sank…

Laurent had two flights but decided he’d like to fly it again in some stronger condititons… we’ll it’s not quite the time of year for that. He thinks he’s a bit light on it… I don’t see the problem myself he’s heavier than me! Non the less, he’s keen though because he talks about the glide, and the handling being really good, and how many others there were interested. He offered to let me fly his ‘Little Cloud’ but I think in cold sinky air it was bad enough losing the height on a normal sized glider, with ever looming trees, never mind an even smaller one! I’d like to keep both my legs working for the ski season, so declined. I’d give it a go in the spring or summer though, when there’s some warm lifty air that will assist, or maybe on a nice pisted slope with a pair of skis! Anyway, we’ve left it at that.

It seems I’ll have a few more flights on the Mantra after all! It was a lovely day and maybe ok tomorrow so I’ll be back on the Mantra then. It’s a great glider so whatever happens I’m happy. Mathieu has had some communication from the French Embassy in Rome saying they have got his glider and equipment, after his car got broken into and all his kit nicked in Italy. So he’s off to Rome a week Monday to collect his Mantra and kit.  He says his intention will be to put it on the market as he’s now happy with his relatively new Omega 8.

It was a small friendly gathering again today, a few instructors enjoying their own flying looking relaxed, student and stress free!! partaking of a trouble free beer and baguette after flying. Dennis enjoyed his flights and I managed to grab a few photos. So nice on launch with just a handful of pilots. Relaxed flying all round…

November 5, 2010 - Posted by | Flying

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