High Hopes in the French Alps

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Lovely weather…. really sunny.  There was a Foehn wind so the air was warm, the snow is still around although the ground isn’t hard enough for it to stay just yet. We got our Ski passes today, so looking forward to the ski season 🙂 Dennis invested in a much needed new ski jacket, very nice, his old one has been looking a bit ragged recently…

November Issue
Pointe de Platé, Plaine Joux
Photo – Jerome Maupoint

We both tried on ski helmets, Dennis tried a Bollé one with visor and looked like he’d walked out of Robocop… good though, would be great on open chairlifts on a cold snowy day. Neither of us wear ski helmets, but have been thinking about it recently, we normally just wear our woolly hats!

And guess what another great discovery, we actually found some Robertsons “mincemeat” in Super U today, means we can have some mince pies at Christmas!!!

There were just a couple of ‘ploufs’ happening but nothing more than that over at Plaine Joux. Talking about Plaine Joux, we received our November issue of the parish mag (Skywings) for the uninitiated! and it was a pleasure to see our friendly neighbourhood mountain gracing the front cover! now the same scene is snow covered, and no paraglider pilots getting that view at the moment. Looking forward to a good read though, there are some very interesting articles listed.

November 13, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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