High Hopes in the French Alps

Hedge from Hell!

couple of gliders getting high above Pointe de Platé

Well we woke up to what looked like could be a possible flying day…. until the hedge from hell had other plans. The damn thing is sprouting out into the road so vehicles can get scratched far too easily. There was nothing for it than to continue with the cropping. But it was such a glorious day, and this time of the year they are becoming few and far between.

I was umming and ahhring about whether I’d get a lift up if I made my way over to Chedde, but wasn’t expecting too many people about. If it was Saturday I’d stand a better chance of getting a lift up but not so today. Anyway, there were a couple of gliders took off, and basically ploufed down, so didn’t feel like there was too much happening, and the blinking hedge was demanding attention. Shopping needed doing so after that and walking back grocery laden to the bus I noticed a single glider flying over Intermarché he was pretty low so would be landing soon. But, having made it this far he must’ve got some height, unless he took off from Varan that is.

Not thinking anymore of it… took the shopping home only to notice later that a couple of gliders were getting well high over the Pointe de Platé which is rare this time of the year! I felt sick to the stomach, on missing probably the best day to ’round the year off. Blasted hedge, will be glad to see the back of the blinking thing! my decision is sealed a manmade fence is what we need.

There wern’t many flying just the three… doesn’t make me feel any better though!

November 19, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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