High Hopes in the French Alps

Apple of my Pie..

The UK appears to be in the early grip of winter with snow fall already. Here it looks like we may be on the slopes on Saturday, yippee! Les Grands Montets are opening  limited runs at the weekend, and Les Contamines look like there may be a possibility of a couple of runs opening, although nothing is confirmed as yet.

The Les Houches ski piste that we can see from home was clearly defined with the snow settled, no little ant sized skiers on it yet.  As Dennis’s birthday is tomorrow we decided it was time for him to get some new ski pants, so off we went shopping…! phew after having tried virtually every pair in the shop he finally settled for a slick pair of Shöffels. So now he’s all kitted up for the next twenty-five years! It was about time for a change as his old ones have been around since the mid 80’s!

Whilst visiting the shop I had a wonder around to see what the ski fashion aficionados will be sporting this season… There’s a lot of retro stuff around, big spotted circles and the odd two tone, it’s reminicent of the  60’s, Mary Quant does ski scene chic!! only thing missing are great big hooped earings, and the essential false eye lashes!

I took residence in the kitchen and decided to bake a Birthday Pie, and get a Birthday cake on the go. We can’t get such things as a Steak and Ale pie here so I had to make my own with some Guinness it’s incredible, the stuff you miss after a few years. It turned out ok…. I didn’t think I was going to have to bake a cake this year because Dennis recieved a package from Scotland that looked like it’d been sent from some bakers… it was a birthday gift from his sister. Hoping that it was a cake, it turned out to be a bit of a poachers choice lots of gamey stuff and a nice bottle of red… so I had to bake a cake afterall. Dennis was getting a bit worried thinking that he would’ve missed out. Anyway, it’s baked and cooling down waiting for an icing tomorrow.

November 25, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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