High Hopes in the French Alps

Bowled Over & Out, by the Birthday Boy

We were greeted this morning with the soft white, fluffy stuff but all underfoot! Yes it finally settled down here on the valley floor, right outside our front door. The typical refreshing blue and white colour scheme has returned to the mountains and it is wonderous, a real winter wonderland!

refreshing blue and white, all the way down to the valley floor

Empty Bowling Alley

It is Dennis’s birthday and I finished icing the chocolate cake I baked yesterday… everyone has to have a birthday cake otherwise how are we supposed to make a wish?! Admittedly I had a bit of a problem inasmuch as having bought the wrong cream that wouldn’t stiffen so Dennis had to go and get some proper stuff… it worked out ok, and he got to make a wish in the end.

We had a phone call to say our new ski helmets had arrived so we went to try them on and they were excellent. We’re really, really pleased with them and can’t wait to try them out.. Dennis has the Bollé and I went for the Italian HMR just perfect for me.

Afterwards we embarked on our annual bowling trip, as there’s not much else we can do, as the skiing isn’t open yet and it was a bit windy to fly not to mention the cold, anyway it’s always a laugh when we go bowling.

It was all good fun.  Dennis got a Strike, straight away on his first go. My first go, I ended up slipping on the floor on my backside with an instant Gutter Ball! that was pretty much the way it stayed for all the games we played (although I didn’t fall over again) I did on one occassion get a “Killer Shot” from a Split set up, that made my day! Everytime we go we really enjoy it and always say we ought to go at least once a week or for that matter once a month would be good, but definately more often. We’ve our first Airport Transfer this evening, then some time off before it starts again.


...just the three?

Sunday we are planning our first ski of the season, not quite sure where yet, but will have to check what’s open.

November 26, 2010 - Posted by | Transfers

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