High Hopes in the French Alps

Nature at it’s Best!

gorgeous winter hue alighting Varan

Another day of waiting…. it’s quite frustrating knowing how great the snow is and the lifts not being open, never been in this situation before, it’s normally the other way ’round 😕 Well there’s always stuff to do and clearing the drive was the main thing.

snow depth on (birdhouse) post box

The snow is so light and fluffy… perfect powder. The temperature rose so there was a partial melt, which is good as it softens the ground so the snow seeps in, then freezes again to give a good solid base before the next layer of snow, so mother nature is working and looking her best at the moment!

Wanting to stay updated with what lifts are open, or due to open where, I’ve put up some ‘Lift Status’ links on the left hand menu bar so feel free to click and have a look at any of them. With the Chamonix Valley one, all the areas are listed so just click on the ‘Status’ under the area of interest.

It was a glorious day fabulous colours and great to be outside even if it was just walking and playing with Tizzy.

Dennis has an airport transfer this evening, but it was all a bit touch and go, as people were having their flights cancelled from a number of UK airports, due to the snow.

Firetipped Fiz

December 2, 2010 - Posted by | Transfers

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