High Hopes in the French Alps

First Skiday

First ride on the Chairlift - Stunning!

First day on the slopes whee hee! We stuck with plan A and went to Les Contamines. It was excellent… lots of fun. The car park was busy but once up on the slopes it was another story, not many about at all. I’m always a touch apprehensive when  skiing for the first time of the season. The first ski we had last season was on the 20th December, so we’re a whole three weeks ahead of ourselves this time! I needn’t have worried it was great. It took me a while to get my ski feet back on but after a couple of runs I relaxed, and enjoyed it.

Dennis - aka Snowbocop!

We did a couple of few reds and a lovely blue, the snow on the blue run was much sweeter than the red. The snow cannon snow can be a bit globual and icy so not so smooth, but lovely snow on the blue. In fact it was so nice we went off piste for a bit. Talk about expecting it to be knee deep, we were way off… Dennis went in and I watched him ploughing through the stuff up to his waist! I decided to brave it but didn’t go that far in and enjoyed the depth up to my thighs! It was incredible… so soft, felt like floating on air without the turbulence, beautiful!

It was glorious, with 70% sun although didn’t see the other 30% cloud cover. It really was lovely and refreshing. We wore our helmets, and I can’t tell you how brilliant they were. Especially with the visor, such great vision all round, and it kept the wind off my face and whistling around my ears on the chairlift, an excellent purchase I have to say. Mind you Dennis did look like Snowbocop!  I lost another pair of sunglasses today, fell out of my pocket on the chairlift. Dennis decided he’d  ski down and look for them, I didn’t think it was such a good idea… he went off partway then decided it was a bit too risky as there were some sniper boulders in the snow. So those glasses of mine have joined the many other pairs I’ve managed to lose. Am certainly seeing the attraction of a visor attachment!

There was the one Black run open, but  didn’t feel I wanted to tackle it on our first day,  just wanted to get back into the skiing, maybe give it a go tomorrow.

It was just great being back on skiis, in the spectacular, clean and bright scenery, couldn’t wish for anything more… and we can do it all again tomorrow! Although the weather is due to change, so maybe an earlier start in the morning before it arrives.

December 4, 2010 - Posted by | Skiing

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