High Hopes in the French Alps

It’s Winter in the Mountains

same scene different colourscape

We knew the weather was going to deteriorate it was all a matter of timing. The sky was grey-white and the mountain hidden this morning.

snowbocop II

The wind was expected to reach upto around 35kms from the south-west, raising the temperature.

We were out earlier up at Les Contamines to put the visors to test in white out conditions, as well as try out the warmth factor in exposed winds on the chairlifts. Full marks on both counts. The visors worked great once the eyes adjusted, visibility was  poor, but sunglasses would not have improved the vision anymore than the visors, in fact less so. They did a fabulous job of keeping the wind off and we both felt our heads were very warm in comparison to wearing hats. We certainly will not be returning to woolly hats anytime soon!

The snow was still relatively good, although very crispy in some places. The weather was starting to come in so we decided it was time to get off the mountain. The ski down was interesting with the wind kicking up blizzard conditions… blowing and sweeping snow across the piste like a mass of ethereal sidewinders! When we got back down it was all relatively calm…

We had a better mornings skiing than expected. There are not many, if at all tourists here at the moment so all the skiers are locals and  exceptional! I don’t think I saw one incompetent skier today, every one was a ‘natural’. Made me want to up my game and I am pleased to say, I re-established my balance and poise, and really ‘got back into it!’ Unfortunately, that’s it now for at least another week, as this weekend was only a partial opening until the official ski season. It was great to get an early start though.

Pictures all a bit bleak… it’s winter in the mountains!

December 5, 2010 - Posted by | Skiing

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