High Hopes in the French Alps

ok, damp day…

Tizzy planting one on Mnsr. Alain

The garden has returned to a lush green albeit damp, the roads are hazard free glistening from the snowmelt with heavy soaked snow mounded up  on the verges,  whats left of the snow down here will probably all be washed away by morning, but the good news is, it’s just what the ground needs to freeze up for a good solid base layer the next time the temperature drops.

It’s all a bit slow on the home front at the moment. Took Tizzy walking where she had a play with Mnsr. Alain  down the road, he really has taken a shine to Tizzy, they do enjoy a good frolic.  He was throwing her snowballs where she’d jump up, catch and eat them lots of merriment…and then she’d chase him a bit and plant a big slurping smacker on his face, whether he wanted it or not!

Meanwhile back in the house there’s a bit of diy going on in the cellar, finishing off painting and varnishing doorframes, as well as a bit of internet shopping! phew, what a relief we don’t have to go running ’round the shops anymore!

December 7, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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