High Hopes in the French Alps

Perishing, and a Canine Crisis

Pointe Percee and Les Quatre Tetes

It’s postively perishing at the moment…. certainly too cold to even consider flying, well for anyone in their right mind anyway!

The sky colour is icy blue, and clouds nebulous…. does look lovely though. Well we’ve had a couple of Transfers, keeping us busy as well as a bit of a canine crisis with Tizzy. She got snarled at by the miserable farm dog down the road who pierced her skin with a swift bite. Thankfully nothing too serious, it wasn’t distinct and covered in fur  there was no apparent bleeding or anything. During the night the poor thing was shivering and groaning, so first thing we had a trip to the nice Vet across the road. She had a couple of injections anti-inflammatories and on a course of anti-biotics, bless her she was up and almost back to her usual self later this afternoon.

Dennis had a Transfer up to Megève today, and said that the snow is almost non-existent! it’s mainly hard frost, like it is down here and has been for the last couple of days. It’s a great base now though so whatever follows should stay in great condition! The tantilizing flecks of snowfall we’ve had so far were so fine we could virtually count each flake,  they are forecasting a much more substantial snowfall this evening,  if so, we’ll be out on the slopes in the morning!

Just looking across to the Aravis, we’re really looking forward to flying over there this coming spring, we’ve already got some interest with intermediate pilots, so if all goes to plan a bit of distance flying in the offing, next year.

December 16, 2010 - Posted by | Transfers

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