High Hopes in the French Alps

Garden filled with Snowdrops!

Woke up to an enchanting world as the silent visitor made a dazzling return! … in other words the snow is back, and is very welcome 🙂


We were hoping that we might be able to ski but the snow still hypnotically propelling down from  opaque deep clouds, reached up to the the higher peaks, making visibility difficult. We checked the webcams and visibility was not good, it was a white out. We gave it a few hours before checking again, there was a momentary clearer moment where we could appreciate the untouched purity of the slopes. St. Gervais our local area is still closed and is not due to open until tomorrow.

Dennis had a Transfer this afternoon, so our only chance to get out would have been up to Rochebrune and would have been too late in the day to make the airport transfer. It wasn’t long before the cloud thickened again so it would still have been very poor visibility anyway.

I had to collect the other vehicle from the garage this afternoon as it was having snow tyres fitted so sadly the skiing was not to be. No worries, there’s always tomorrow, had a couple of gorgeous fun-filled walks though.

December 17, 2010 - Posted by | Transfers

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