High Hopes in the French Alps

Transfer Frustrations..

We were hopful we were going to get out on the slopes today, with it being the first official opening day of the season and all. There were a number of Transfers that were booked, and as Dennis was booked for them I thought, well nothing should stop me going out for an hour or so….wrong!

on our evening walk

just starting to light up in Le Fayet

With the UK weather, flight delays and cancellations were messing up the schedules  so the timings were unreliable.

On first checking it looked like our first pick-up would be ok, an early one from London City Airport, the second one was a bit touch and go, coming in from Liverpool, and the final one had more delays, arriving from Bristol. We thought that after the first collection Dennis would be back for lunch whereby we could go skiing as he was sure the Liverpool flight had been cancelled.

It wasn’t to be, as during his first run, I thought I’d better just double check the Liverpool flight, it turned out it wasn’t cancelled just delayed for a couple of hours. So that was it, the day was given over to Transfers, whilst I was keeping a close watch in the engine room to the progress of flight schedules and timings.

Every now and then I had a glance at the St. Gervais webcam just to torment myself a bit…. beautiful day it looked. Gorgeous fresh snow, virtually empty with hardly any tracks, gloriously bright and blue, just one of those perfect days you’d like to be out. Feel like I ought to start a new category called “Potentially great days, missed!”

Well, inbetween checking flight,  departures from various airports, and Geneva arrival times, I managed to take Tizzy walking. A very early one, and then another one at dusk. A few of our neighbours were just coming home after a good days skiing… never mind eh?! We’ve still got to work for a living.

December 18, 2010 - Posted by | Transfers

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