High Hopes in the French Alps

Grey Day on Skis

Tandem Sam

On the realtively long Red down to La Princesse

We had the day off. The best day was yesterday for the skiing, as it was beautiful bright and blue, today however, grey clagg was awaiting us. Not to be outdone the general concensus was we were going to go skiing whatever the weather.

On a day like today St Gervais, Bettex being our local area was our obvious choice, being easy to get to and if it turned out a bit crap we can always ski down and come home. Well to our delight it was unexpectedly good. Visibility was poor but not that bad, the snow although the temperature was on the rise was in good condition. Unfortunately, a bit too sticky and claggy for any reasonable off piste but the pistes were great! It got very windy for a time, but settled down again. We saw a couple of ski paraglider tandems, out and about, looked like Sam had got some work today, which is good for him, especially on a grey day like today.

I tried to be a bit clever with the mini gps and decided to stop it when we got on the lifts so as to only track the skiing. It turned out quite confusing with lots of mini track recordings so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s much easier to leave the thing on the whole time, silly me…

Also as it’s gadgets galore thought I’d try out a video of the skiing … it turned out ok..ish. Not much colour though, hopefully give me a bit of practice for when the weather and snow comes good again. Meanwhile we are being plagued  by the föehn wind raising the temperature and melting all the snow.  While I’ve got a bit of time might attempt to edit this footage and see if I can make some sort of acceptable vid out of it.

December 19, 2010 - Posted by | Skiing

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