High Hopes in the French Alps

Three French Hens

"Three French Hens"

Weather’s been lousy, no good for anything much. Had a day of cleaning, shopping and whatnot. The weather dosn’t look much good for the next few days either which is a bit of a pain considering we’re off just now. There is supposed to be some precipitation but the snow line is due to recede back to around 1800 meters, so don’t think the snow condition will be much cop tomorrow, don’t quite see it happening. The snow down here is crispy slush with the ground sodden. It was another grey uninspiring sky coloured the landscape.

We had a visit from one of the other Transfer drivers today, it was nice to see a familiar face! I couldn’t remember his name but we were at the Ozone Challenge in Chabre this year, we all refamiliarised ourselves and are looking forward to hopefully a good year skiing and flying.

On our walk today, it was funny to see all the chickens out! and I just couldn’t resist the “Three French Hens!” pic ok, poetic licence here I know they’re cockerels! no partridge, pear tree or goose that lays golden eggs either…

Had a bit of time to piece together this vid of our skiing the other day.  Am a bit disappointed that I haven’t quite sussed how to get the quality up to scratch like I did the first video, and I’d like to get rid of the border… still learning. Well it’ll give you a bit of an idea, shame it was so dark grey a day.



December 21, 2010 - Posted by | Chalet

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