High Hopes in the French Alps

Christmas Day

a little 'off piste' powder

We decided to go skiing, it was a white out from down here and so it was the whole way up the mountain! Could barely see a thing, in fact I think the white out was probably one of the worst, it was like skiing blind!

white out at 'Freddy'

We managed to grab a little off piste powder, but could feel the ice scraping underneath the powder layer, it was a bit bumpy in places but good skiing all the same. We didn’t ski for too long but it was a nice day to go considering it was really very quiet, maybe that was due to the poor visibility?! It was a shame the visibility was so bad as there was some really nice snow to be found if we could see it!!! I think it was the first time I’d felt quite disorientated in cloud and snow!

Christmas Day is one of the funniest days in the calendar am sure of it! We threw ourselves into a comedy christmas cooking routine that is only ever experienced on this particular day! What a larrfff! – It was just sooooo funny 😀 !

We decided to have a go at spit roasting our chicken, as we invested in a new oven at the beginning of the year and have never tried to use it. Well Christmas being the time for culinary experimentation, we decided to spit roast it. It worked brilliantly well, and the chicken cooked to perfection it was just the ongoing military operation of monitoring the thing whilst trying to keep the bird positioned correctly as it shrank! Dennis was convinced it was going to come out the size of a Quail! What with pliers and other tools becoming necessary to keep the skewer thing holding the bird in place, I was in fits of laughter over the whole operation…. it just made me love Christmas just because of the fiasco that is associated with all the comedy kitchen slapstick!!!

December 25, 2010 - Posted by | Skiing

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