High Hopes in the French Alps

It’s Holiday Week!

The last couple of days have been mostly spent on the road. Lots of people coming and going. Dennis had more Transfers lined up but I had some time off so hit the slopes.

It certainly is holiday season, trying to park was like Geneva Airport on a Saturday absolutely jammed packed – in fact it was Parking by John West… sardine style! I finally found somewhere that was not along the conventional parking lines but worked and didn’t create an obstacle for anyone, clever bit of French parking, no spaces? make your own!

getting away from it all

approaching rescue

The cable cars were another tinned experience but finally on the slopes it opened up and the skiing was ok. We haven’t had much precipitation the last few days and if the glories of Champagne Powder are anything to go by, today it was Flat Lager skiing. I decided to give the Mt. d’Arbois chairlift a miss when I saw the queues but didn’t envisage the same scenario down towards Megève. Anyway, there was a bit of pushing and shoving going on, and a young lad forced his way in front of me with his mother sticking out her ski pole to hold me back! They were in such a hurry to get on, anyway in all the caffuffle…  I let him have my place, and got the next one. Just as I was sitting down the lift attendant pressed the emergency red button, I looked in front to see the young lad had slipped off the chair! No harm done, it had only just moved a little way from the station, but a very embarrassed lad had to clamber back to get back in line!

Whilst on the chairlift, the familiar coloured pompiers helicopter was called to rescue, looked like someone had come a cropper on the Green Megève run, I admit to a bit of rubber necking with camera, but wasn’t in control of a vehicle at the time! It was all fun and games today!

It was beautiful up the mountain, but very foggy in the lower valley which remained all day. The skiing was ok, but nothing special inasmuch as the snow was a bit old and the pistes scrappy in places. Nothing like the quality of the snow on Christmas Day when we couldn’t see anything. I enjoyed the runs I skied, and La Princesse télécabine wasn’t too bad. Don’t know whether it’ll be worth rushing out skiing for the rest of the week as the snow’s not great and it’s really busy.

We’ve got two groups of people staying one group learning to snowboard and another family set-up whose children are here to compete in the Anglo-Scottish Cup in neighbouring Les Houches, where a lot of youngsters do their training at the very reputable British Ski Academy.

If we do get any precipitation it might be worth it, but otherwise maybe wait for some better snow conditions and less queues. O, by the way, did see one paraglider over towards Mt. d’Arbois not much wind about though.

December 29, 2010 - Posted by | Skiing, Transfers

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