High Hopes in the French Alps

New Year’s Eve

Can’t say as I relish New Year’s Eve, truth be known…find it a tad “obligatory” although any excuse for a nice bottle of champers is always welcome!

chilled champers!

On the one hand, I’m sorry to see the old year go, and on the other hand feel a minor apprehension of what the new one will bring, so I like to have a mild celebration of the old year gone, and wake up in the morning to a New Day! like every new day… with hopes of happiness and success but not excessively celebratory, after all nothing’s happened yet….?!

Well, if the weather was an omen of any kind it was a good one!! – The low level valley cloud finally lifted completely away, revealing the nobility and majesty of the mountains, accentuated by a depth of blue that highlighted and outlined the snow capped peaks all around the whole valley.

One of the  guys said they skied the long Green run at St. Gervais and really enjoyed it, they also went back to Les Houches and did much better on the intimidating Blue run. One of the girls is not very well though and caught a rotten cold, so didn’t go out. I went walking, Dennis had one Transfer, then I went shopping for our minor celebration.

Moet et Chandon and a mini party for two was in order… we didn’t manage to stay awake past midnight though, we could hear the fireworks going off, with Tizzy somewhat perterbed by the noise, but that was about it. Dennis had an early Transfer in the morning, so New Years Day, is work as usual.

December 31, 2010 - Posted by | Day to Day

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