High Hopes in the French Alps

Deep Grey Funk!

my failed water droplet..

Well the last couple of days we’ve been stuck in a deep grey funk! this morning we had a respite with some sunshine that made it feel like spring had arrived. The snow line has receded or is forecast to recede to around 2200 meters. Temperature was 10° outside, all the snow is melting. Makes me feel like the winter season is just not long enough… missing the snow and skiing. This time last year we’d just got our new skiis and the snow was great… this year it hasn’t arrived yet. It’s not looking all that good on the snow front until Sunday. Precipitation is expected for the next couple of days but given the temperature it’s more likely to be rain or sleet. Sunday is looking better with the snow line dropping again to around 1000 meters. We’re busy with Transfers which is good, at least we don’t feel like we’re missing any great ski days.

I suppose it’s still early really…  Took Tizzy walking as usual, and tried to take a photo of a water droplet, didn’t do very well. All the ducks came out to play for a while, well I suppose it’s great weather for those guys.

great weather for these guys

Maybe we’ll get a chance to fly again soon instead of ski given the temperatures.

Still no delivery Gary… 😦

January 7, 2011 - Posted by | Transfers


  1. Bugger…. :-(…paraglider is required. On another depressing front regarding snow in the alps and climate change check out:

    Comment by Gary Bridgeman | January 7, 2011 | Reply

    • Heard them detonating up on the mountain early this morning, not only that there’s been a recent assembly point for when the floods come, and the sirens are practicing their evacuation routines! Good job Dennis can build boats?!!

      Comment by Gillian | January 7, 2011 | Reply

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