High Hopes in the French Alps

Just a bit Monotonous

Once upon a time... the woodcutters cottage...

Another day of the unispiring.. just getting on with it, and inventing fairytales along the way….

Keeping busy with Transfers though.. it’s a bit tough when people are asking you what the snow’s like and all you can do is try to instill a bit of hope in saying the clouds look like there’s plenty of snow in them… and the snow is excellent above 3000 meters!

It is supposed to come down to around 1000 meters, but the temperature is just that bit too warm for snow, it’s all falling as rain and sleet. It’s very disappointing, but  the snow does tend to arrive with a vengeance when it does decide to turn up oftentimes around Easter, when we want to get on and start flying again!

Well if this is our ‘earthquake’, ‘tsunami’, ‘hurricane’, ‘forest fire’, ‘flood’ or other natural disaster, ‘not having enough snow’, all is well in our world… thankfully…

January 9, 2011 - Posted by | Transfers

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