High Hopes in the French Alps

Husky Sledding!


Well it’s my birthday tomorrow! But today, we had a wonderful new experience in Husky Sledding! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve seen the Husky Trailer around the area on occassion so as a birthday treat, Dennis had booked us up for the afternoon.

It was another dull grey day, but it really brightened up as soon as we saw those gorgeous dogs! We had to go up to Le Tour and I am pleased to report that the snow condition was excellent! It was good stuff and at least knee deep. The dogs were all chained up and looking really relaxed, until it was time to hook them up to the sleds. As soon as they knew they were going to work they went ‘barking mad!’ and I mean amazingly so…. there were some barking and others howling long ‘howls’… incredible, it gave me a mild taste of ‘the call of the wild’ or some such similar genre. It was so loud! but it made me really smile! there was no doubt to the wolf ancestry in this pack, I can tell you! I did make a video, but sadly it didn’t record the sound…. which is such a shame.

They were really interesting sleds with long runners to stand on, and a brake that you have to continually apply to keep the ropes taut so that you don’t run into the dogs, and apply occassionally if they try to run away and overtake the one in front. It was a lot more physical than I’d imagined it would be, keeping hold and controlling the turns wasn’t easy, and going up hill you had to assist them by scootering with one leg whilst pushing the sled up.  The strength of those dogs was incredible! They couldn’t wait to get going, and as soon as they were off, they were completely silent, and raring to go, pulling with all their heart and might!

It was a fabulous experience, and one we’d both love to try it again, but on fresh snow on a gloriously sunny day. Makes me think of trappers and distance sledding, a dog sledding safari or something?! The guy’s sled was a bit special with his animal skin linings and whatnot, you’d think he was right out of some Arctic Territories…. fantastic!!

One small problem, when we got home Tizzy could smell the other dogs so felt a bit put out… she went for a walk and was happy again.

January 12, 2011 - Posted by | Husky Sledding

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