High Hopes in the French Alps

Frankies Feet

The sun shone! Although the temperature was on the rise, and the snow melting, we went up to St. Gervais, and thought it might make a nice change to ski over towards La Croix. It was ok, except I was wearing a different pair of ski socks and just that couple of millimeters extra fabric made my feet feel like I’d just had them transplanted from Frankenstein! It never dawned on me that the different socks could have made such a big difference, my feet were solidly ‘clamped’.

Halfway down the long run to La Croix I just had to stop and loosen them up, the feeling started to come back, and then the rest of the skiing was fine… lesson learned! Stick with your regular ski socks, silly girl!

It wasn’t a long day on the slopes, the snow was akin to wet sugar in some places and very crumbly in others with a large area of artificial covering. There were areas that were quite good, few and far between but they were there. It was certainly a lot better than we had imagined, it was nice just to be outside and see the sun! There were hardly any people about, almost empty pistes everywhere… it’s very quiet at the moment.

January 14, 2011 - Posted by | Skiing

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