High Hopes in the French Alps

Seeing Stars!

We had an early start this morning, with a Transfer group we were booked to take back from Megève to Genève for an 8am pick up. But by the time they’d sorted themselves out it turned out being an 8.30am pick-up. The roads were clear enough so the run was ok.

We both had another Transfer each, and then finally home. Been feeling a bit tired.

*          *          *


starfish on the beach

Changing the subject completely… do you know the story of the ‘Starfish on the Beach’ or it could be a poem or something anyway – Here’s the jist…..

A young boy was walking along the beach with his Father, where the beach was completely littered with starfish… the young lad, bent down and picked one up. His father asked him what he was doing, and he replied, I’m going to throw it back into the ocean, because if it stays out here in the sun and air it will die. Whereupon his father replied… why bother, there’s thousands of them mile upon mile all along this beach it’s not going to make any difference. To which the young lad looked at the starfish then looked up to his father and said  “It makes a difference to this one!”

Always thought that was a poignant story….


*          *          *


Recently I’ve had a bit of time, and felt I had to deal with a niggling, I’ve had about FAI competition categorisation and Helmets… and felt it important to make mention of a few issues over helmets that I propose need addressing. It may be a touch on the controversial side and I have no wish to tread on anyones toes. But please feel free and have a read of this piece on helmets and safety. It is mainly applicable to pilots of a smaller stature with a head circumference of less than 56cms but others of you may find some useful information within, especially if you are unsure of whether your helmet fits or not, or how to check for sizing. Hope you will find it useful. Click on  Talking Heads or on the Helmet Sizing tab on the top banner menu bar.


January 15, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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