High Hopes in the French Alps

Gary’s New Toys!

alto cumumlus moving in

Woke up to alto cumulus and no snow. It’s all a bit frustrating, as we’ve got these days free and can’t do diddly sqwat! Tizzy’s getting a lot of walking in though… Looking up at the sky the signs were all about ‘disturbances’ coming through. Well back to  shopping, cleaning and what not. We were expecting a delivery later today, for a brand spanking new glider, and Dennis had to take a trip out to Kortel to pick up a brand spanking new Karmasutra II also… wonder who they were for “Gary!”

Anyway, sure enough in the middle of lunch the Ding Dong Doorbell sounded and a nice big package was delivered with Ozone written all over it!

I’ve taken some  lovely pictures of your ‘untouched’ beauty Gary…  just to whet your appetite.. hopefully we’ll get to do some flying together next month! thought you’d like to see them.. 🙂 they’re in  daily pics!

Although the link to the Columbian Open was a bit hit and miss this time… the Paragliding World Cup first leg which followed is now over, and the results are up. The PWC have had a re-vamp on the website and I must say it’s a pleasing improvement much easier to navigate. There are some very interesting and fun videos of the event on this Vimeo link.

January 19, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day


  1. Sweeeeet!!!

    Can’t wait, I can wholly recommend Alpine Flying Centre shop and services! See you in a couple of weeks to pick the little beauty up, I think that I may already love the wing more than I love my other half.

    Comment by Gary Bridgeman | January 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Oh.. dear, I can feel a song coming on in the stylee of 1930’s Irving Berlin…. “There may be trouble ahead, ….. face the music and dance!…”

      Comment by Gillian | January 19, 2011 | Reply

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