High Hopes in the French Alps

Snow Drought About It…

Mont Charvin

Well it’s all been a bit frustrating to say the least…. we checked our ski edges, and found them a bit scuffed up from the not so great snow we’ve been skiing on so resharpened them. There was a hope that we may ski over in Courmayeur early, but checking the webcams there was a lot of earthy bits showing. If we went to Courmayeur we’d have had to pay extra for the lift passes and for just a mornings skiing on more of the same we changed our minds, after all we’ve got our lift passes that we can use in other areas without having to fork out for more. If the snow was good, we would have gone.

It seems the area’s suffering with something of a snow drought and I for one would certainly welcome more. Apparently, there’s been a bit of snowfall over on the Jura but bypassed us unfortunately.

Preparing Reserves for Re-pack

It looks like they’ve got the ropes fixed on the Arête now so a Vallée Blanche ski will be on the cards at some point, we’ll have a scout about and see what the conditions are like up there first. This weekend is the Kandahar, Chamonix World Cup and apparently there is enough snow, so it’s all systems go.

On the home front, we went in search of the Balloonfest, but the one we were looking for was a little closer to home in Praz sur Arly, we found the balloon launching area only to discover we were a day late so missed that event. 😦 still, at least we know where it is for next time., was nice to see Mont Charvin a bit closer though.

Note* Randi if you’re reading this thanks for the info about the other Balloonfest, that was on the other side of the lake, so a lot further, these balloons were much more local. Ps. thanks for the email 🙂

It was a good day for us to repack our reserves so now re-aired and re-packed we’re all set for the new season. More tranfers this evening.

January 27, 2011 - Posted by | Transfers

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