High Hopes in the French Alps

Aldrin or Lightyear?

Gary, Getting to know Aldrin, or Lightyear?

This morning, Dennis helped Gary set up his harness, with reserve and speed bar length adjustments. Next thing they went up to try to get a flight in, this would have been Gary’s maiden flight on his new bird. I say ‘would’ have been,  as up on launch the wind was all over the place. The foehn was here putting a damper on the whole thing. Apparently, there were a couple of other pilots up there who re-packed and left.

Kite Surfing Practice

Gary managed to get a couple of inflations in but that was it. They came back down and went over to the lake to try and get a little more ground handling in, but there was barely a breath there. So back at the ranch, Dennis had to do a Transfer. We aren’t officially ‘open’ for flying yet, Gary just wanted to pick up his kit and get settled in his harness. About an hour later, I suggested we go and see what the wind was doing at the lake again, so we went along, where amazingly there was enough to do some good inflations, and spend some time getting well acquainted with his new glider. I have to say it is lovely…  Are you going to name it Gary, Aldrin or Lightyear maybe? I know which one I’d go for and not the animated version! If she’s female how about Queenie! :-). Or perhaps, it’s all just a bit silly really 😕

Whilst we were there a couple of tandems turned up, they’d taken off from another launch area at the North side of the lake,  a very difficult place to get to without a 4×4.  One of the tandem pilots decided to show off his ground handling skills and ended up entangled dumping his glider on Gary, fishing ensued! It was a good afternoons practice and Gary looked relaxed and in control getting a nice feel for his new wing… shame he couldn’t get to fly it. We’re hoping it’ll happen early tomorrow.

It was good to get out and play with gliders, am looking forward to my new toy arriving soon….

It was a bit of an Ozone, afternoon as a guy with his Ozone kite turned up for some practice… reminded me of the kite surfing we saw on the West coast last year.

After a good couple of hours, I was on standby to do a Transfer, which I ended up having to do… got back from Geneva at around 8pm, when we all went out to Le César for dinner, an evening free of cooking (I didn’t fancy cooking tonight) but full of conversation…

More photos in Daily Pics.

January 29, 2011 - Posted by | Groundhandling, Transfers

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