High Hopes in the French Alps

Happy and Healthy

new glider! first time fully out the bag, in sunlight!

I finally managed to get to inflate my Delta… but it took some struggling… why?  because there was barely a breath of air.  A flat windsock for the whole time with a feathers breath of a zephyr on a passing virtually imperceptible moment. So a couple of big efforts on my part inflations, and the rest of the time, thinking about enrolling on an origami course to figure out quite the best way to fold it.

Dennis also checked Alex’s glider, as requested… Alex if you’re reading this some pictures of your lovely glider are in Daily Pics, with a few others. You’ve nothing to worry about, it’s in perfect condition. It’s all safely packed away waiting for you! We’re looking forward to flying with you, in a couple of months!

Well,  my glider looks exceptionally happy and healthy! and I’m really looking forward to flying it. Shame I couldn’t get out yesterday, as there was a light notherly working gently, but working all the same. Today however,  the influence was from a Southerly to Southwesterly direction which is a typical foehn bearing.  It was all good, managed to get out, ground handle and have a look at my new wing, Oh, and I’ve almost recovered from my cold so all is well.

This weather has got me completely flummoxed??!! – It felt like spring, or even summer temperatures, for that matter.  😕 don’t know if we’ll get more use out of our ski passes??

Just one transfer this evening and then a couple of days off… yes!

February 7, 2011 - Posted by | Groundhandling, Transfers

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