High Hopes in the French Alps

Delta Delight

first launch, on first attempt!
(only meant to build a wall?!)

Great! I had my maiden flight on the Delta today… it was in a word “lovely” – I really, really enjoyed it.

...glider had other ideas!

I was all set up to build a wall, but as I started to build it, the wing kept right on inflating easily off the ground, I thought I was going to build a wall, but the wing decided it was a launch… ‘err.. ok then! – lets fly!’

I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to fly, the last flight being the 6th November, so this was my first flight this year as well as on a new glider. It was beautiful to turn, and felt as safe as houses. On speed bar it certainly ‘went’ but am not sure of speeds or anything, need a few more flights to determine speeds and stuff.

Just enjoyed flying around, I did find the brakes a little longer than I’m used to and this was the first time I felt more comfortable with a wrap. Other than that, I’m looking forward to having some serious fun on this little blazer!

It’s still winter, so cold and we didn’t get out until a bit later in the afternoon. The thermal activity is here albeit in very light doses, so nothing substantial enough to get a climb out. It was a lovely afternoon though and I have to say getting back into my harness and floating on the air… well, there’s nothing like it! Blew some old cobwebs away, and felt completely refreshed. Hopefully, more flying tomorrow!

February 8, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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