High Hopes in the French Alps

More Flying!

a few more people and gliders out

My expectations were realised.. Yes! more flying today…

Dennis and Mathieu chatting, next to my just landed, bunched up Delta, after Mathieu had been inspecting the centre cell info

Well, need I say it.. am smitten! Absolutely loving the wing. Felt like I’d tuned in a little more to the glide aspect and turning potential. Managed to scrape as much out as I could from the afternoon. It was a lovely day again, with some of the regular crew out and about.

Good to see Roland and Mathieu Vermiel, as well as lots of other smiley faces. Dennis was flying his Mantra, I still have mine and it will be interesting to make some comparisons at some point, but I’m having far too much fun on my new acquisition to be honest. Dennis admitted to his minor covetousness which he’s managed to conceal extremely well, if it was me I’d be chomping at the bit by now!

His will be here in a couple of weeks and he’ll be all smiles again then. Well he has already had a flight on a Delta, when we were in Annecy so he does know what it feels like.


February 9, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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